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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sauce Au Poivre (Peppercorn sauce)

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I love peppercorn sauce - it goes well with alot of things and its meaty flavour helps accentuate most meats from chicken to veal and everything inbetween. Its a popular steak sauce and simple and quick to make, so i've included it here for those of you wishing to make it for your own culinary curiosity,

You will need:

2 knobs of butter
Finely chopped shallot
Half a handful of parsley finely chopped
Roughly ground black pepper and a 8-10 of peppercorns
Shot of brandy
Ladle of beef , lamb, chicken, or veal stock
2 tbsp. double cream

In a pan melt the butter and add the shallot. Cover the pan and allow to sweat on a moderate heat (but dont let the butter burn). When the shallot has softened add the peppercorns, and ground pepper. Cook for 3-4 mins still covered, then add the brandy. Flame until alcohol has burned off, then add the stock. Reduce by a third and taste. If more punch is required reduce until half of liquid has gone, then add the cream and parsley. Cook for a further minute then serve.

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