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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Confit duck legs

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Confit duck legs are one of those dishes that's incredibly hearty, comforting, homely and generally almost impossible to refuse. Its easy to prepare and cook, and has a long shelf life when stored int he fridge (not that it would need it in my opinion). This recipe makes a batch of 10 legs, which are ideal as a main course or as a starter depending on what you want to do with it. I guarantee enjoyment.

These can be served in a multitude of ways, as a simple part of a roast meal, with salads or even with a puree where necessary. They're incredibly versatile.

You will need (makes roughly 10 servings):

10 Duck Legs
2 kilo of duck fat

For the dry marinade

500g of rock salt
4 Star anise
100g of Juniper berries
50g of cinnamon
50g of Cracked black pepper
4 Lemons zested
60g of Ginger
2 Sticks of Lemon grass

The doing bit:

Blend the star anise, berries, rock salt, cinnamon and black pepper in a food processor.

Peel and chop the ginger in to strips, and break down the lemon grass into small pieces

Place the duck legs in a plastic container, cover the legs with the salt mixture and the ginger, lemon zest and lemon grass cover with cling film and stand in a fridge for 12 - 24 hours

Wipe off the salt, place in a roasting tray; cover in melted duck fat, cover the tray with greaseproof paper, cook 2 to 2 ½ hours in a low oven (roughly 150 / 160C, until the meat is tender

Remove from the oven leave to cool in the duck fat, decant the legs into a clean container, recover the fat by passing through a sieve and placing in a cool area

To roast and crisp up place duck leg in a hot oiled pan and seal over in the oil then finish in the oven

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