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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wild mushroom / puff pastry / smoked cheese gateaux

image courtesy of frenchforfoodies

Although a bit loose on the definition i suppose in respect this pays homage to both the definition of a geatux and a mille fuille - providing multi"tonal" layers in the form of a gateaux and remaining true to the millefuille aspect with the pastry. If you wish you can substitute melba toast for the pastry in each layer.

It's pretty simple as a dish, suitable for a starter and as a main course or even a halfway measure between the two. The use of a wild mushroom fricasse approach as the filling utilising smoked cheese also gives a wonderful depth of flavour, whilst maintaining armoatic tones from herbs and garlic also. Strictly speaking, in supposition this is definitely a vegetarian dish, but can incorporate meats such as bacon for a base flavour where neccesary.

You will need (per portion):

1 portion mushroom fricasse
1 10cm x 10cm cooked section of puff pastry, cut into 3 layers horizontally (giving you 3 thin slices)
finely chopped parsley and tarragon 1 tsp each.
1tbsp Vinaigrette dressing
1 tsp truffle oil
handful of rocket, for garnish.

The doing bit.

Gently warm the mushroom fricasse in a pan, adding the smoked cheese in the last few minute. We dont want the cheese to melt entirly only to heavily soften and become malleable. In a low heated oven (about 160C ) warm through the pastry layers gently. Brush the pastry with a little butter or milk if requiring further gloss or colouring.

Upon service layer as follows: fricasse / cheese mix, pastry and repeat. Dress the rocket with the vinaigrette and truffle oil and place on top of the stack. Garnish the plate with the fresh herbs and serve.


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