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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wild mushroom fricasse on blini with tarragon & parmesan shavings

This recipe is quite earthy but very hearty and enjoyable. Its just enough for a starter - any more and i think it may be too much. The use of blini provides a hearty base, the mushrooms hearty flavour and the presence of tarragon amidst the parmesan give added punch.

In the absence of blinis you are welcome to use english muffins, potato cakes or even crumpets.


Serves 4

4 Blinis (recipe can be found here)
250g Large Onion, finely chopped
250g of Wild Mushrooms, trimmed
250g of Button Mushrooms
100ml of White Wine
125ml of Double Cream
125ml of Dry Sherry Reduced by 2/3
10g of Chopped Tarragon
Parmesan shavings to taste


Sauté off the onion with the mushrooms till tender, add the wine and cream and reduce till thick add the sherry and reduce till a thick coating consistence

Serve on top of warmed blini, and finish with chopped tarragon and parmesan shavings. further season with black pepper if required.


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