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Friday, 9 December 2011

Fish Cakes

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The fish cake I suppose is a bit of a misnomer - no two are ever the same. Everyone has their own tweaks here and there as to their preferences of the fish cake, and everyone makes them differently. This recipe makes a large batch for an appetiser sized fishcake, or enough for a few larger ones for meals and main courses. (they're lovely with parsley sauce)

I've included this recipe with that in mind - you can shape and coat these fish cakes as big and small as you like - i like to do bitesize ones for warm nibbles for guests, or even as a starter - a pyramid of tiny fishcakes with a chilli jam dipping sauce always goes down well.

As a fish cake these can be done with any white fish meat such as crab, whiting, cod, etc. Whichever is cheapest will suffice. If you can get fish trimmings from the fishmonger even better. They'll be very cheap and perfect for these.

You will need....

250g plain unseasoned mash potato
250g of Flaked Poached Salmon
75g of Smoked Salmon
30g of chopped dill
1 Lemons juiced
Pinch of Nutmeg
50g of crushed anchovy’s

The doing bit

Once all the ingredients are cold blend together, shape and coat them in crushed Jacobs cream crackers, crushed cornflakes, or seasoned breadcrumbs (sieved)

Fish related joke: "A man walked into a fish and chip shop with a salmon under his arm. He asks 'have you any fishcakes?' - the man behind the counter says 'sadly not, all gone today'. The man gestures towards the salmon and says 'awww! Its his birthday!'"

To cook, sear in a pan and leave to rest in a warm oven until warm throughout. Alternatively they can be deep fried.

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