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Monday, 13 August 2012

Rhubarb Compote

This wonderful accompaniment can go with a variety of things. Rhubarb goes with all things gamey, so its a treat to have with duck, goose, guinea fowl, venison or even beef if the tone suits. Aside form this it goes phenomenally well with smoked fish sucj as mackerel (with a hint of truffle if you're feeling adventurous).

If necessary you can also add this to desserts as an accompaniment too - it goes phenomenally well with alot of things in the dessert world also with apples, pears and even strawberries (in some contexts) or can be aded to pies and crumbles as a secret ingredient.

You will need(makes a large batch:

1 Kilo of rhubarb stripped and diced
75g of fresh ginger skinned and cut into a fine dice, or grated from frozen
125g of red wine
250ml additional red wine* (for the stock syrup)
250ml (by volume) sugar* (for the stock syrup)

The doing bit:

Make stock syrup  by combining the additional red wine ans sugar in a pan, and heating gently until the sugar has melted into the wine.

To the stock syrup add the rhubarb and cook till tender

Add to this the ginger reduce by a third on a low heat

Add the red wine and reduce by another third the mixture

You should have a deep red colour and a thick consistency.

allow to cool slightly and store.

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